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Treforest and Blaenllechau, South Wales


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We believe that Jesus is the Son of God who has lived, died and risen from the dead on our behalf, so that we might know God and have an abundant life. Because of this, our goal is to provide everyone who comes into contact with the church the opportunity to have this life for themselves. We also want to be a community that encourages and inspires growth so that each of us can fully engage with the whole of life.


The Bible is filled with promises. This means that we want to be a community that is focussed on the future, both expecting the time when Christ will transform the whole of creation and also working now for that transformation. We want our hope to show itself in the positive ways in which we engage with the communities from which we come.


One of our main aims is to continue to build the community of the church through working towards authentic relationships that reflect the love of Christ. Jesus told his followers to love one another as he has loved us. This is a big ask, but we believe it sets out the agenda and the goal for all our relationships. We are also convinced that as we learn what it means to love one another so we communicate Christ’s love. Whatever we are doing it is always very important for us to create an authentic environment in which everyone can feel valued.

We believe that the ultimate expression of human flourishing is the worship of God, and so we have two worship services on Sundays as well as a meeting on Tuesday nights:

  • Sunday - Worship Service, Treforest Community Centre, 10:30am

  • Sunday - Worship Service, Commercial St, Blaenllechau, 5:30pm

  • Tuesday - Bible Study and Prayer Meeting, Commercial St, Blaenllechau, 7:30pm


Our Sunday morning services are held in Trefforest Community Centre and our Sunday evening Services are in Carmel, Blaenllechau. This reflects the fact that although many of us live in the Pontypridd area we have our historical roots in the top of the Rhondda Fach.

“Towards a flourishing life through Christ-focussed community”


Please join us in worshiping God.

Sun – Worship Service - Trefforest Community Centre, 10:30 am.
Sun – Worship Service - Commercial St, Blaenllechau - 5:30 pm.
Tues – Bible Study/Prayer Meeting, Blaenllechau - 7:30 pm.


Treforest and Blaenllechau, South Wales

07811 727540

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